Miss Isle


37' Don Shead Design

GRP construction V8 petrols. I believe she first raced in 1982 and can be seen in black livery at The Cowes Torquay Classic.


Barn stored and stripped out for over 30 years

Someone has started converting her into a day boat and has removed some bulkheads and raised the floors.  Hull in good shape but requires full rebuild internally and replacement bulkheads now.


Blank canvas

With so much now removed, I have the opportunity to rebuild her from scratch, to get her back to being an old school marathon raceboat again.


On our way back to Cornwall


A pair of 8.2 litre V8 petrols

I've chosen to go petrol over diesel and found a pair  of Mercruiser 502 MPI V8's which will be a good starting point at 420 hp and straight forward to tune to 500 hp each.



The engines will be a staggered configuration which will require bulkheads to be altered and other modifications to be made. The shaft centers will be 18" apart which requires one engine to effectively be in front of the other.  A pair of matched Super Speed Master Mk3's have been sourced for the final drives.

Viareggio 1984


To the barn for work to start


A year of planning

It has taken me a year so far of thinking, advice taking, listening to other racers and riggers and sourcing the main engines and drive systems


Next to the 33' HTS Perkins

Miss Isle may only be  4' longer, but she is twice the size of HTS, a much bigger project.


Cutting out

Stripping away the old has started, cutting back to the original structure. New bulkheads, ribs and decks will be done. It all takes a lot of time and thought.